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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

My Most Indelible Learning Experience at NCETC

I am terribly sorry, but I have been to so many conferences in the past few years that it is terribly hard to remember one learning experience particular to NCETC. In the past few years I have faithfully attended NCETC, American Library Association mid-year conference, American Library Association annual conference, NECC, NCaect, Florida Educational Technology Conference, and I'm sure if I tried hard enough I could think of a few more. I know that whenever I attend the NCETC I am amazed at the intensity and level of technology use in schools throughout North Carolina. I always wonder if these teacher/administrations a small few or are we really unaware of the extent to which technology is being used in North Carolina.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Plight of Illiterate Children in the Information Age

New information is being created at an alarming rate. Many educational consultants such as David Warlick, the creator of landmarks for school, as well as Eisenberg and Berkowitz, the creators of the Big 6 information model are emphasizing the need of teaching our students how to locate, access and process information. Due to the increasingly changing nature of information and technology it is nearly impossible for students to continue to learn by rote or to memorize information; therefore, the emphasis must shift to higher order thinking; however, my concern is for the large number of students who are not literate. We must move our children to the next level. They must be able to locate and access information. They must be able to synthesize information. They must be able to think, but in our process to move these children to the next level I hope that we do not forget those that still do not have the basics. Those students who don't know how to choose keywords, but more importantly they don't know how to spell them. Illiterate children must not be forgotten in the information age.